Website of Dave and Helen Damouth.billing truck power packs from your Tow Truck Alternator.

Website of Dave and Helen Damouth.billing truck power packs from your Tow Truck Alternator.

Charging you Truck Power Packs From the Tow Means Alternator

Dave and Helen Damouth.

A constant query in RV groups fears the chance of utilizing the tow vehicle’s system and electrical method to recharge truck battery packs. (an identical issue is out there in motorhomes, with immense dissimilarities because the a great deal of less route between alternator and quarters energy).

The average tow truck, like our 1996 Dodge memory 2500 High-definition, have a 130 amp alternator. Regular electrical use within your truck is far less, making an abundance of extra convenience of billing trailer energy. But also in reality, I stumbled upon that i acquired just about 5 amps of battery-charging if simple trailer battery happened to be lowest, and fewer than that after the power packs are billed to previously mentioned in regards to 70percent of power.

The indegent charging is a result of the current decrease in the long run of skinny line through the truck alternator on the trailer battery.

One resolution for the current fall issue is to set up heavier weight cable. Another option would be to set up double alternators, or a single alternator with twin components – the other output is used with an independent voltage regulator to effortlessly recharge the truck battery. I will talk about both solutions:

a Heavier circuit: I selected it, and put 64 ft of #2 welding cable, to operate from your vehicle engine’s alternator back to the good terminal for the trailer battery packs, immediately after which through the bad terminal of this electric batteries back into a compelling motor surface when you look at the car. A few of the data listed here are certain to my favorite Dodge, even so the general strategy should utilize any automobile.

On Dodge, as sent from the manufacturing facility, undoubtedly a power submission box in addition kept wheel effectively. This box consists of some serious connection terminals and some large fuses and relays for assorted vehicle circuits. The charging you cable from your alternator to the electric battery undergoes this package. It absolutely was a hassle-free area to connect our brand new serious truck asking wire, also received area to shoehorn an additional fuse for the brand new line.

Inside this box, We operated some inches of heavy line through the terminal the spot that the alternator cable was bolted, attached to one stop of a whole new 80-amp fuse. (This fuse is a bit black cube with tabs for add-on products per back – obtainable in any auto pieces shop.)

From opposite end associated with fuse, we went welding cable tv as a result of a battery pack exchange, which I bolted to the base belonging to the electric battery support area, with the controls really.

From productivity terminal from the exchange, I went welding wire straight down and over the framework regarding the vehicle toward the back, wherein it comes down awake within the frame slightly below the remaining side of the tailgate, and runs a 18″ or more as well as the bumper.

The damaging cable tv from your electric battery try bolted to the system block, down lower close front side. I ran welding line from this the exact same thunderbolt back along the structure, adopting the same route like the constructive wire.

Where the two cable connections appear behind, simply terminated in typical welding line fittings. (But notice note below). When not being used, both wires relax neatly in a crack from the bumper plus the torso, inside hub beneath the tail door.

Through the trailer, weighty wire works from each terminal of battery packs to the most important battery delivery box, which I installed on front side structure associated with the truck, inside a cooking area closet (just as many traveling trailers, the energy are generally out of doors, the frame resistant to the side for the truck – my favorite distribution field happens to be right behind the power packs, but within it, from the elements). This circulation field holds a battery gulf change, some larger devices exactly where all truck power associate, many fuses for circuits that don’t go through the fuse panel farther along during the trailer, as well larger current-measuring shunt, that’s into the damaging region of the battery tour.

We managed welding cable within the negative and positive main battery pack links contained in this circulation box, down by the ground and toward in which these people get connected to the truck wires, terminated for the related 50 % of the welding cable tv connectors.

Battery pack exchange comes in car devices vendors, and in a few RV source sites. We powered they from the key circuit, and went this electrical series through a toggle alter I placed on the instrument panel in the pick-up, thus electrical merely goes toward the coil on the relay once both key is on and that new toggle change is on. This way, whenever the engine is actually switched off, the exchange clear and there is no power regarding the heavy cable, and I also really don’t jeopardize shorting out as soon as joining and disconnecting. Once the trailer batteries are fully charged, i will turn the toggle alter and prevent the recharging procedure. In fact these people continue to collect a little getting existing by the cable when you look at the unique circuit use, which I wouldn’t detach. Undoubtedly however a threat of shorting from the truck power packs, if your favorable welding connector from the truck had been affected around the body of the trailer. I would choose a connector where all terminals were recessed down inside a plastic shroud so that they couldn’t inadvertently get shorted – but i’ven’t realized such a thing may deal with highest present, is fairly weather resistant, and links favorably enough therefore I’m positive it’s not going to rattle free on the way. Our next choices may possibly have-been a standard house 220 volt connector – generally used for outfit dryers and kitchen space stoves. (discover mention below for a much better connector choices.)

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